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  • Can we customize orders?
    Absolutely! We can customize a lot of our orders! On our home page is a messaging system. Please message us to discuss what kind of customization you would like.
  • How long does shipping take on my item?
    Many of our items are custom made to each order. We try to get all orders out as soon as possible but it may take up to 14 business days to ship orders that include these handmade items. Things that fall under this time frame are all resin prodcuts, all mirror hangers, cowhide keychains, cowhide phone cases, and freshies. We do also offer "ready to ship" items that are made and ready to go. You can expect these items to ship within 7 business days, if not sometimes sooner. Items that fall into this catergory are wallets, purses, shoes, slippers, and popsockets. Our shipping generally takes 2-5 days to deliver but with USPS and UPS shipping delays are common, please be prepared for delays.
  • Can I return my item?
    Items that are made to order or customized cannot be returned. These include the following: All freshies and vent clips Resin Coasters and Keychains that contain writing/sayings or custom colors. Cowhide Letter Mirror Hangers The following items can be returned as long as they are unused and in their original condition: Resin Coasters and Keychains that are not customized All Shoes (MUST be unworn) Cowhide products such as watch bands, keychains and phone cases. Purses and Wallets
  • If I need to return an item what time frame do I have?
    If your item needs to be returned and is not custom or made to order, it must be started within 7 days of the delivery of the product. I will not cover return shipping for any items. Please message me for a shipping address and to inform me of the return.
  • Can I make an exchange?
    Only items that are non customizable are able to be returned and exchanged. Return shipping and shipping costs of the new item must be covered by the purchaser.
  • My item says it shipped but I have not received it yet?
    I ship with USPS and sometimes UPS which generally takes 2-5 business days to arrive. It is not uncommon for them to not scan in an item at the first stop. Sometimes this can make it look like the item has not shipped or is not moving. Often you will get an update when the item moves to the next location. Items can also fall into what I call "limbo land" where they do not move or do not have an update for quite some time. Usually I find items will deliver within 3 weeks when this happens. If 3 weeks have passed and you do not have a delivery or update on your tracking, please reach out for a replacement.
  • My cowhide product does not look like the photos?
    All the products are made with genuine cowhide (with the exception of resin products). This means every hide and pattern is going to be different. While I can give you a color such as brown or black, the pattern and shading of the products will all be different, making everything we sell unique and one of a kind. Resin cowhide products will be made with cowhide vinyl which is a similar concept to genuine cowhide, the patterns will not be the same making each one unique.
  • Where are we located?
    Our shop is based out of central Florida! If you are local and would like to meet up to receive your order instead of shipping, please message me to see if we can work that out!
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