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Many of our items are custom made to each order. We try to get all orders out as soon as possible but it may take up to 14 business days to ship orders that include these handmade items. Things that fall under this time frame are all resin products, all mirror hangers, cowhide keychains, cowhide phone cases, and freshies.

We do also offer "ready to ship" items that are made and ready to go. You can expect these items to ship within 7 business days, if not sometimes sooner. Items that fall into this category are wallets, purses, shoes, slippers, and pop sockets.


Once dropped off shipping generally takes 2-5 days to deliver but with USPS and UPS shipping delays are common, please be prepared for delays.


We do not offer refunds or returns on any orders that are custom or made to order. For more info on what this includes please see FAQ page. If there is an issue with your order please send us an email and we will try our best to accommodate you and solve the issue. Items that are not customized (objects with no personalized names or dates) can be returned and refunded within 7 days of you receiving the item. Once the 7 days have passed we assume that the item is to your liking and we can no longer offer a return or refund. 

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